What Do I Need For My Life

what do i need

When we look into the entire wide world today, what we see all over is crisis, war, terrorism, pandemonium, hunger, ritual killings, etc. In short, we see that the whole world is full of evil. It shows that evil now reigns over the land, no one seems to know the way out, everybody is confused even those at the helm of affairs politically and economically don’t know the best solution anymore. The countries of the world known as super-powers that are advanced politically, socially, economically, technologically, and seemingly religiously are all living in fear of uncertainty. The home front too is not even left out, the family system has totally collapsed, divorce rate is on the high side day in day out, single parenting taking over and homosexuality is spreading like wild fire. Drug taking (marijuana) is being legalized in so-called advanced state. Child labour, human trafficking and slavery, prostitution and drug trafficking, baby factory and body organ sales remain most lucrative business generating billions of dollars every year. This is actually the perilous time the Bible talked about in 2Timothy 3: 1-15

As all these evil is reigning over the land, the attendant effect on the individual is enormous; man now feels unsafe all the time, he is no more at peace with his neighbours, the feeling of impending doom is so great that many feel like ending it all before the time and some actually do. The question now is ‘is this how God ordained it, is this the plan of God for the whole world?’ if not then, something is missing somewhere and that thing that is missing is what we as individuals need in our life to survive the evil storm around us. As an individual, have you ever taken time to ask yourself WHAT DO I NEED FOR MY LIFE? This probably was what prompted the Jewish ruler called Nicodemus to visit Jesus in the dead of the night in John chapter 3. Nicodemus regardless of his wealth and position in the society sought, found and consulted with Jesus to find solution to his problems.

You also, whatever your position politically, socially or economically needs to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour to be saved-Acts 16:31, Romans 10:13, Acts 4; 12. Accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour brings peace both physically and spiritually. He is the only one who can give us unshakeable peace in this world of turmoil John 14: 27, Matthew 28; 20

Another very important thing man needs to survive in this world of turmoil is a life style free of sin, a life devoid of sinful behavior. God loves everybody but hates sin. Sin is the greatest and most potent tool the devil uses to draw man away from the presence of God Isaiah 59: 1-2. It is pertinent for man who wants to enjoy peaceful life on earth and hereafter to confess and forsake all his sinful ways of life after accepting Jesus Christ Romans 8: 1-3

Forsaking sinful life style automatically launches man into living a life of holiness. Living a holy life is seeking the kingdom of God always. You continually seek the kingdom of God by allowing Holy Spirit to always have His way in your life. You read the Word of God all the time, you follow His ways, obey His commandments and evaluate your life with Him daily. Seeking the kingdom of God always and earnestly brings all the goodness and peace of mind one needs to survive. Matthew 6: 33.

Brethren, seeking the kingdom of God always and earnestly as important as it is in the journey of a born again individual are not complete if one is not yet a commissioned soldier in the army of Christ. When Jesus formed His army (called His disciples); after training and empowering them, He then commissioned them by sending them into the world to preach the gospel, destroy the stronghold of the devil and become soul winners into the kingdom of God Mark 16: 15-16, Matthew 28: 19-20. So as a born again Christians, one of our major duties is to work for God by winning souls in order to change the world and destroy the kingdom of Satan. I can boldly say that the most honourable thing for a Christian to do is to work for God (evangelize) and when the job is done, He takes the glory for ever while you take the everlasting crown.

In conclusion brothers and sisters, whoever you are, whatever position or condition you find yourself politically, socially, economically, academically, religiously and even health wise, the only thing you need to survive this world of turmoil and storm is JESUS CHRIST. May God give you the strength and courage to accept and follow Him all your life.

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