Before we could talk of Blessedness of Accessing God’s Voice, let us take a look at Open Heaven. Beloved, the issue of Open Heaven is a serious one. It is the Father’s will that the heaven be opened to you (Luke 3:22).

There arose a question between some of John the Baptist disciples and the Jews about purifying in John 3:25-27 and in verse 27 John answered them and said ‘A man can receive nothing except it be given from heaven’.

What Is Open Heaven?

According to the scriptures Open Heaven is a situation whereby a door of Divine Revelation is opened to someone from the throne of God (John 1:51).

Open Heaven enables one to hear the Voice of God- as Jesus at His Baptism (Matt. 3:16, 17).

What is the Voice of God?

The voice of God is the leading of the Holy Spirit in the lives of His children here on earth. According to Romans 8:14, ‘for as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God’.

When we talk of the Blessedness of Accessing God’s Voice, it simply means the benefits of hearing the voice of the Lord.

What are the Benefits of Accessing God’s Voice?

There are many benefits, but let us consider the few ones.

  1. The Blessedness of God’s voice reveals the secrets ahead of time (2Kings 6:8-12).
  2. If you hear the voice of the Lord and open the door for Him, He will give you rest in all round (Rev. 3:20; Matt. 11:28; 1Kings 4:5). People struggle in life today because they are not hearing the voice of the Lord (example Peter in Luke 5:4, 5).
  3. The voice of the Lord to Abraham brought blessings to the whole world (Gen. 12:1-3). That is why we sing the song that says ‘Abraham blessings are mine’.
  4. The blessedness of the voice of the Lord is the power of God that brings resurrection (John 5:25) and the case of Lazarus (John 11:45, 46).
  5. The blessedness of the voice of the Lord delivers divine guidance that guarantees safety (Matt.2:13, 19-20).


Hearing the voice of the Lord can never be a blessing to us, but it is those who heard and does it turns it into blessing (James 1:22-24).

Believing on the voice heard activates it into blessing (John 11:40).

May the Lord God bless you and grant you access to His voice…Amen…

Pastor Sule David

Mount Zion New Song Ministries Intl.

Abuja, Nigeria

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